We are loaded with a host of services, ranging from HVAC installation & maintenance, Firefighting, Plumbing Services and also diversified services, which is Civil Constructions.
We have a team of professionals in each of the fields listed above who give their best to achieve our customers’ satisfaction through their work.
Our trained team of professionals in each field have all it takes to do the job. We deliver with simplicity and carefulness. Fulfilling all your requirements is our goal in Saud Khalifah.
We bring the best hands to our services, and we render the best services in these fields.



1.  HVAC.

Our knowledge of HVAC installation and maintenance services is unrivalled. We deliver the best HVAC installation and maintenance services across Saudi Arabia with excellence in our work. We have been proven to be that excellent by our crew of satisfied clients.

In focusing on four critical areas of HVAC, system design, emergency services, preventative maintenance and complete installation, we create undeniable value for our customers.

2.  Firefighting.

It is our utmost concern to see that our customers are safe. With our functional hazard control team, the Saud Khalifah is dedicated to tackling all hazardous incidents that may put our customers’ lives in danger.

We have the persons, the resources, the products and the expertise to keep out all fire danger from our customers.

3.  Plumbing.

We have built a team of professional plumbers who have the knowledge and expertise to fix all plumbing issues, both domestic and commercial.

Our maintenance and service team is always available and ready to take on your plumbing needs.

We offer the best hands and the best services at the Saud Khalifah.

4.  Civil construction Services

With diversity being the name of the game, the Saud Khalifah also offers diversified services in civil construction.

We take civil construction projects and bring them to completion with excellence and mastery. We are the best in what we do and will remain so.

Excellence is our trademark. It is what we are known for.